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Some of Most Essential Dog Services offered at BKD Dog Services:  Montauk Dog Health

As a dog owner, you need to understand the basics of dog services to take good care of your canine friend. These services are geared to enhance the flexibility of your dog, make it more friendly, teach it new tricks and offer companionship and much-needed attention to the dog. With the application of proper dog care practices, you will give your dog a longer and healthy lifespan. Some of the essential dog services are grooming, walking or dog sitting services and pet boarding.

1. Dog Grooming

Dog grooming is a key part of dog services that as an owner, you should make sure your dog receives. Similar to human beings, dogs also want to look their best. People need to bathe daily even twice a day, while a dog needs to bath twice or thrice a week. However, the breed and kind of coat the dog has matters while grooming.

Following are some of the basic tips on grooming:

Hair Brushing( Montauk Dog Health)

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Brush your dog’s hair every day to remove dirt and dust that are trapped in your pet’s coat. Brushing enhances the distribution of natural oil all over the entire coat of your canine friend. It also helps to sort out tangled hair, protects skin from irritations, and keeps dirt and ticks away. The best way for you to introduce your pet to brushing dog services is when it is still a puppy. This gets your dog used to the grooming sessions as it grows older. Your pet will surely love each grooming session because it can have all of your attention and praises.

Trims the nails

Nail trimming isn’t just an ordinary part of the grooming routine. It is an essential element of your pet’s overall health and well-being. At Montauk Dog Health we will provide you with essential information on your furry friends’s needs. Allowing the nails to overgrow will give them a chance to break. Overgrown nails that are broken can cause your dog pain and soreness. It causes difficulty in walking and sometimes arthritis. Be sure to do it gently as you might cut a blood vessel by accident. You might also need a small bottle of blood-clotting powder to prevent bleeding just in case the unexpected happens.

Clean the ears

When you are grooming your dog, you should include the cleaning of its ears as part of the normal routine. Your pet’s ears need cleaning and proper care because they can easily get infected especially when ticks and soil are allowed to stay there for a long time. When cleaning the ears, you should watch out for signs of infection to prevent it from getting worse. Other signs of dog ear infection include frequent scratching of the ears, constant shaking of the head, and the presence of unusual odor near or in your dog’s ear. You can clean your pet’s ear twice a month. In Montauk Dog Health ear care is harped on many times.

Brush the teeth.

Just like humans, dogs need their teeth to be watched after and taken care of daily. It is quite simple for pet owners to incorporate teeth cleaning into everyday activities for a dog. Although most dogs don’t like getting their teeth brushed, some don’t mind it. Your vet can recommend the best type of toothpaste and brush to use on your dog’s breed. If you frequently brush your dog’s teeth, it will get used to the routine. If you feel that brushing less could be damaging to your dog’s health, ask your vet what the best possible route to go would be.

Bathe the entire body.

Bathing is the central part of the dog services. Before you do this, you need to brush your pet’s hair lightly first. This will help to sort out tangles which are difficult to remove when wet. Tangles will become mats which are favorite spots of yeasts and bacteria. Once you are done with brushing, you can now proceed to bathe your dog with water and mild pet shampoo. When bathing or washing your dog, you should not dip the dog in a tub. Instead, use a hose or a shower head to wash your dog. Use a dog shampoo which is mostly soap free.



Having a pet dog requires you to be sensitive and responsive to its basic needs and the essential dog services to give. Sometimes knowing your dog’s exact needs is difficult, at Montauk Dog Health we will help you. Your pet can be content with your attention and feeding, but they will become healthier, cleaner and better looking if you groom them regularly, take them for a walk and most importantly, leave them in the right hands when you are away from home.