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When you have a pet, you know how much hard work goes into keeping it healthy and happy. Regular feedings walk, and playtime is necessary, in addition to having a nice place to live. Well, there is another aspect of a pet’s life that needs to be attended to, and that involves bodily cleanliness. If you don’t clean your pet, the house will smell. The possibility of fleas could also arise. There are also other body parts that need to be cared for.

The clipping of nails is particularly important. Perhaps you don’t have the time or don’t know how to properly keep your pal properly groomed. A dog grooming service like Montauk Dog Grooming can perform all these tasks and more for the lowest prices.

Professionals in the dog grooming field know just how to treat your buddy. For instance, nail clipping can be performed with effectiveness and ease. There are many pet owners who don’t know how to properly clip an animal’s nails. Without doing this in the proper way, there is a chance that the pet can be cut or hurt. So sometimes it’s best to leave it to a professional. These professionals at Montauk Dog grooming  will also know exactly how to brush your pet’s fur.

There are many different types of canines with many different fur types. The groomer will know the proper technique to get your pup’s fur looking sleek and amazing!

Unique Grooming based on the pets needs.

Efficient cleaning in a timely manner.

Caring individuals who are dog owners themselves.

Thorough grooming to include teeth cleaning, sensitive hair cut areas and a relaxing bath.

Our company in the past have groomed dogs ranging from a Boston terrier to a German Shepherd!

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At our Grooming Company we seek to provide loving support for your loved one with constant care. It is in your best interest to not worry about your dog.

We look to offer your pet a wonderful experience.  Montauk Dog Grooming should be exciting for your pet and not a chore.

We hope to see you soon.